This presentation is actually called “Value-Added Strategy” but everyone simply refers to it as “Don’s VooDoo” presentation.  This is the result of several Clients, Private Equity and Law Firms asking me to present how I “do the VooDoo I do” – specifically how I quickly assess companies, develop strategies, and then manage to specific strategic deliverables that move the proverbial business ball forward each and every day.

Please note, as the presentation says, this is not intended to be a comprehensive management tome on how to manage.  it is simply what I’ve learned over a career of going into over a hundred organizations and improving their competitiveness.

I will bow to the wisdom of Isaac Newton when presenting this material.

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

I thank all of those who shoulders I have stood on in searching for the best of strategic thinking.

Note, this presentation has been recently updated and presented to Kettering Executive Network on 5 Apr 2013.  This update is the file attached in both PDF and PowerPoint Slide Show Format

PDF:                                         Don’s VooDoo KEN 20130405Pdht

PowerPoint Slide Show:     Don VooDoo KEN 20130405Sdht