B2B Exchange          

Served as Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer for the first and largest of B2B commodity exchange concerns.  Responsibilities included lead funding strategy and negotiation role, marketing strategy and management, and business development. 


Developed worldwide business strategy for domestic process control equipment manufacturer.  Market segments were identified and profiled to target opportunities.  Competitive product price/performance analyses were performed to determine new product requirement for large-scale process control systems and electronic-based field instruments.  Marketing plans were developed and implemented for recommended segments.

Process Controls             

Developed worldwide business strategy for European process control systems and electronic instrumentation manufacturer to improve position in international programmable controller market.  Assignment determined and evaluated worldwide market, competitive, and technology trends.  Product positioning was examined in detail through price/performance benchmarking on competitive offerings.


Developed complete restructuring strategy for public healthcare software and services company about to be delisted from NASDAQ. 

Internet Software             

Assisted in the development of a new B2B Internet infrastructure strategy for a leading B2C software company.  Strategy addressed global market opportunities and synergistic relationships with Exchange engine partners.  Operating Plan was outlined and both Business and Revenue models developed.


Developed business strategy for new service division of a domestic telecommunications concern.  Business strategy focused on developing turn-key product and service solutions to domestic and international broadband communication Customers.


Managed development of new business strategy for electronic instrumentation manufacturer. Worldwide strategy reflected divestiture by parent company and included a market value assessment.  Final strategy involved transition from broad-base to niche focus with new product architecture and product line.

Medical Internet             

Developed the IPO and marketing strategy for a new wellness-oriented and medical information start-up.  Targeted at corporate Customers, strategy involved complete market analysis, product definition, Internet deployment gameplan, and financial deal required of securing Series A and B funding.


Managed development of new business unit strategy for computer manufacturer.  Assignment resulted in innovative architecture and business strategy for small to midrange computers.  As part of assignment, investment strategy for eventual IPO was developed.


Managed formulation and development of a major restructuring strategy for software developer.  Developed framework and facilitated organization to identify major initiatives for refocusing this technical software provider.  Final strategy included multi-tiered distribution channel strategy.


Developed “2x Doubling Strategy” for web-based wealth management software company.  Strategy built on core strengths of the company combined with extensive analysis and identification of unique opportunities in company marketplace.


Developed new organization strategy for telecommunications company.  Focused on realigning a rapidly growing mid-tier firm (from $30 mm to $450 mm in twenty-four months), this effort resulted in organization structures, executive roles & responsibilities, and worldwide business realignment.