Customer Experience


Developed worldwide service strategy for international technical software manufacturer.  Assignment, which included extensive benchmarking and process reengineering, resulted in complete new service strategy with full implementation plans.  Strategy addressed service location, entitlement tactics, new service channels and several new service offerings.


Managed development of worldwide Customer Service strategy for a major telecommunications company (operating in the newly-referred to “convergence” industry).  This assignment evaluated the worldwide operations and established “best practice” comparisons via industry benchmarking.  New strategy, organization, and operating model was developed to transform operations from cost center to profit center with a 300% revenue growth target over next five years.


Served as operations manager for the Customer Service organization of an electronics telecom concern.  As interim manager, took “hands on” role in implementing strategy and tactics developed during an earlier assignment.  Activities include complete floor relayout, management development, work cell configuration, and employee involvement implementation.


Developed “Zero-inventory” system in support of multivendor services for one of the largest imaging organizations in the world.  New strategy made extensive use of outside vendors to ship materials and provide services to multi-national Customers.


Developed new strategy for one of the largest PC manufacturers.  Key part of strategy was to determine mix between internal and external spare parts reworking.

Mail Order           

Development and design of new distribution strategy for one of the largest domestic computer mail order companies.  Effort involved managing large team to analyze current operations and develop alternative distribution and configuration strategies.  Final design reflected new product segmentation based on both product configuration complexity and Customer timing requirements.  This strategy has now been implemented and is providing 25%+ productivity improvement over the former system.


Conducted Service Logistics diagnostic for telecommunications company.  Assignment profiled several hundred Customers for repair requirements.  Complete process, facility, and systems diagnostic was conducted..


Recently developed new Professional Service Strategy for high-technology hardware and software firm wanting to expand Service offerings.  Assignment included detailed definition of Customer “partnering” requirements and benchmarking of competitors.  Delta Management Group also served as negotiating advisor with third-party professional service firms that were acquired as part of a “rapid growth” implementation strategy.  Also developed complete operational model for professional service organization including financial model.