Artificial Intelligence Software

Managed provider of artificial intelligence software to Department of Defense and Intelligence community.  Brought in by Board to triage turnaround situation, fix company, productize technology, and prepare for commercial growth. Served as Chief Operating Officer.

Military Computer Systems

Managed provider of Military-grade computer systems.  Brought in by Chairman to do restructure organization and expand product and vertical offerings. Served as Chief Operating Officer.

Consumer Products

Managed provider of Consumer lighting products.  Brought in by Board to restructure organization and revenue model. Served as President & Chief Executive Officer.

SaaS Software

Managed provider of Association Management Software.  Brought in by Investors to do turnaround and package IP for sale. Chairman of the Board, President & Chief Executive Officer.

POS hardware/software        

Managed provider of kiosk hardware and software for fast food and point-of-sale.  Served as President & Chief Executive Officer.

Medical Software

Managed voice recognition start-up focused at physician medical transcription.  Brought in by Investors to move from product concept to go-to-market stage.  Served as President & Chief Executive Officer.

Entertainment Software

Started and managed streaming media company for  sports broadcasting company.  Within first seven weeks, generated over 100 hours of content, partnered with multi-billion dollar concern, and delivered streaming media to international audience.  Served as Managing Director

Financial Software

Started and served as lead funding professional for commodity exchange concern providing physical and financial derivatives for the management of aluminum and platinum hedging.  Served as Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer.

Telecom Software and Services             

Managed three business units for enhanced telecommunication company – voice messaging, calling card and unified messaging.   Served as Group President and Chief Strategy Officer.

Private Equity Operation Improvement Services  

Started and ran strategic services portion of turn-key technology firm.  With heavy focus on improving VC portfolio companies, responsible for third of firms revenue with first twelve months.  Served as Partner.

Strategic Services    

Started and ran Technology Strategy Practice for major “Big 4” consulting firm.  From zero start, generated multi-million dollar billings first 18 months.  Served as Principal and Practice Leader.

Technical Software     

Started and ran eastern U.S. operations for technical software and services company specializing in the design of large-scale automation systems.  Served as initial sales resource while hiring marketing and technical resources.  Doubled parent revenue within 24 months.  Served as Eastern U.S. Managing Director