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All I can say is that Don is one of the best and brightest you will ever meet. He can do many different things; to be a “go to guy” to fix companies, develop strategy, run companies, build processes of all kinds and in general take care of things – i.e., everything he touches is better as a result


As a board member where Don was CEO, I was impressed by Don’s ability to keep the board engaged at the right level. He was able to describe very technical issues in terms that we could all understand and opine upon. He practices the transparency that all board’s need. His leadership, tenacity, intellect, and organized approach set him apart from many CEO’s.

Serial Technology CEO

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Don at Morbark LLC. Don is a forward thinking strategist and turnaround expert with years of experience in diverse markets. He has a thirst for knowledge and ability to quickly ascertain a company’s health in terms of revenue, profit, operations, sales, marketing, information technology, production and more. Don was a “shot in the arm” for Morbark. He brought speed and velocity to the organization at a time when we needed his direction and experience at the front, middle and back end of the business. He quickly learned the manufacturing and sales functions in the wood harvesting industry by listening to employees, customers and dealers. He used that knowledge to create a strategic plan for the company and then successfully coached the executive team at Morbark resulting in increased market share, improved revenue and a positive impact to profits. I would recommend Don Turner to any company looking for a leader who has a proven track record of making a positive impact to the bottom line while increasing morale and retaining, coaching and mentoring executive management.”

Chief Supply Officer

Don is a seasoned “make it happen” Executive with an exceptionally strong Strategy and Marketing background. Don can develop an executable strategy as well as be the driving force behind making the strategy become reality. Don has experience in both large corporations and small companies and has been able to effectively balance the experiences of both to present a highly effective set of Executive skills. Furthermore, with his experience in divestitures & acquisitions, as well as funding, Don is uniquely qualified to lead emerging and growing companies. I endorse Don without reservation.” [ED: have been involved in two M&A activities with Bob]

Serial CEO and Financial Services Executive

I have not worked with a more professional high level thinker then Don Turner. His talent is to focus on very technical products and implement a market strategy that enables from a board member down to the lowest level employee in the chain of command to achieve results. His superb communication style both verbally and through written presentation format only a few can duplicate in this country.

President & CEO

We hired Don to implement and facilitate a strategic development and management process for Albridge. The engagement was on-time, within budget and produced a growth strategy that we are continuing to execute. Don’s business acumen, value-based management philosophy, and emphasis on execution are why we so highly value his service. [ED: Company later successfully sold]

EVP and Chief Strategy Officer

Don provided strategic guidance to our executive management team, and together we worked successfully through some very tough challenges. He offered a very organized methodology that got our team to collaborate and set the direction for the business.

Executive Chairman

Don was a trusted advisor and contributor to our company. He brought a clear and defined approach to our strategic process, insight and expertise to messaging our products and understanding our markets, and strengthened our ability to drive growth. A highly recommended partner. [ED: worked with in successful divestiture]

Serial Healthcare Technology CEO

Don is a great strategy, business development and turn-around guy. His process for linking Vision through project tasks is as good as I have ever seen. He is completely reliable and works with both great effort and productivity. [ED: worked with in successful divestiture]

President and CEO, Healthcare


Don has the ability to look at a challenge from all angles and as a result is able to find a solution that others may have over looked. Don lead many strategic initiatives associated to very complex set of cross functional requirements. He is a visionary leader and would be an asset to any team!

Vice President Information Technology

In the short time I had the privilege to work with Don I found him to be the most organized, laser focused, task oriented leader I’ve ever worked for. I have no hesitation to recommending Don, not only as a great leader but a honest, overall nice person.

Business Development Manager

Don is an experienced, objective and effective management consultant and CEO. He has an unbridled passion for excellence balanced with sensitivity for the personal and professional needs of the staff. As superb strategist, he excels at providing superb leadership and real compassion.

Client Director Advanced Analytics

Don entered ARC in a time of crisis. The company was short on cash, unable to deliver its proprietary SaaS application to signed customers, and was suffering from very low employee morale. In the matter of a few weeks, Don had replaced the founder and developed an in depth understanding of the software, the company’s problems, and the marketplace. As a result, in just a few months, he was able to manage the company towards the highest grossing quarter in the company’s history while keeping the talent pool intact. Don is an adroit leader that will maximize the value of any organization he leads, regardless of the circumstances in which he enters.

Account Executive, Software

Don is an extremely knowledgeable professional. I don’t see Don, just as a CEO. I see him as someone you can learn from as he possesses distinctive traits that not only allows him to inspire others around him, but makes you want to take on the extra effort to deliver a quality product and/or solutions. During my time with ARC Solutions, I have had the privilege to learn the business from Don, thus affording me, as well as, others the opportunity to develop not only technically but professionally as well.

Software Development Manager | Senior Software Architect

Don and I worked together at Pro-Tech Solutions – a key supplier in the Industrial Workstation and Self-Serve Kiosk space. Don is one of the top Strategy/CEO executives that I have had the pleasure to work with. He has an accomplished track record in a variety of industries with a broad range of business experience.
Don’s multi-industry, multi-functional background provides an unique ability to take a ‘fresh look’ at virtually any business and rapidly make significant changes in Revenue, Efficiencies, and fundamental Competitiveness. He has made a positive “difference” in everything
I’ve ever seen him touch.
Don has the ability to interact competently; from the Mail room Staff to the Board Room. Don has consistently addressed CEO challenges from both strategy and business perspectives with success.

Vice President Software Development | Software Architect

Don is an experienced, objective and effective management consultant and CEO. He has an unbridled passion for excellence balanced with sensitivity for the personal and professional needs of the staff. As superb strategist, he excels at providing superb leadership and real compassion.

Client Director Advanced Analytics

I had the privilege of working very closely with Don as his Chief Marketing Officer in an innovative startup involving electronic medical healthcare records using voice. I traveled with Don on many investor seeking opportunities. Don is a man of integrity and one of the best strategists I’ve ever worked with. He has a unique ability to cut through the typical “status-quo-solutions” to discover and implement new ideas that really work. I highly recommend Don to anyone looking for fresh strategies for solving problems and discovering new possibilities for success.

Speaker, Pastor, Entrepreneur

External Relationships

Don is a standup guy who brings forward ingenious solutions to thorny problems. These are head turners capably rendering maximum impact. Meanwhile, he always makes himself available to share his knowledge & vast networking resources. What’s not to like about that? I recommend Don Turner more than a 10!

Data Solutions Partner

Don is a gifted leader and strategic thinker. Moreover, his ability to generate clear, concise, and thoughtful mission documentation on an accelerated basis never ceased to amaze us. He is a delight to work with.

President and Director, US 501(c)(3)

I only had the opportunity to work with Don for about 8 months. I was actually a vendor and not a employee. Don, more than any other person I have met in my 40 years of business, has the ability to strategize and articulate that strategy to all levels. His vast business knowledge in multiple disciplines gives him unique insight. Only hope I can work with him again in the future.

National Sales Manager, Microsoft Premier Software Provider