Business Processes


Managed strategic business redesign of high-performance minicomputer manufacturer.  Driven by merger/acquisition activity, this assignment restructured worldwide Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing, and Customer Service functions. Return was over $55 million on sales of $250 million.


Managed post-acquisition reengineering of leading process control manufacturer.  Worldwide manufacturer was restructured to support existing global manufacturing strategy of parent organization.  Operations diagnostic was conducted in each of the seventeen international-based facilities, new organization structure put in place, and new processes designed and implemented.  Effort completed in six months from start.


Managed worldwide business reengineering of computer manufacturer.  Effort involved restructuring complete material and information flow throughout worldwide component, subassembly, and final assembly facilities.  Special tax considerations and in-country allowances were negotiated to set-up new manufacturing facilities.

Fiber Optics             

Managed business process reengineering for passive fiber optic manufacturer.  Assignment involved working closely with several teams for this organization to evaluate entire “delivery cycle” business processes.  Effort revealed that majority of nonvalue-added time was in the front and back-end of the process and were primarily due to poor information and inconsistent methodology.  New processes designed and implemented.


Managed strategic business redesign of international minicomputer manufacturing operations.  Worldwide strategy was developed addressing global plant remissioning and headcount organization/sizing.  Strategy reduced Operations spending rate by 40% over two years..


Managed strategic process restructuring for a financial ad agency firm.  Assignment worked with a multi-functional team to: develop new framework for viewing service offerings, profiling current processes and developing new business model.  Focus was to restructure current business model into one more appropriate for next stage of company growth.


Managed complete restructuring of 2,000 professional Customer Service organization.  Assignment for hardware/software manufacturer began with extensive benchmarking effort on “best practices” in Customer. Client “swat team” conducted complete profiling of global operations including “value chain” mapping of processes and financial performance against benchmarking leaders. Assignment reduced spending rate of service organization from $59 million to $32 million while increasing Customer service rate.  Results achieved in twelve months of assignment completion.


Managed process assessment for engineering/construction firm.  Assignment was integrated with technology review and involved mapping process inconsistencies across a nationwide firm with over a dozen offices and numerous job sites.  Assignment resulted in a complete review of business practices, management structure, and measurement system.


Facilitated development of new telecommunications network operations organization.  Using a unique hierarchical teaming arrangement, this organization strategy was used to realign worldwide operations.