About Don Turner

"I've learned in both my personal and professional life that it is all about thought process.  If I am struggling with a problem, I have learned to stop, take a step back, and think about how I should be 'thinking' about the problem."

"No matter how complex the problem - whether Revenue, Product, Market, whatever - if you think about it correctly the answer should come easy, intuitively."

"That is the essence of great problem solving - figuring out how to "think about thinking'."

Don Turner

Don Turner is a well-known resource to Companies, Boards, CEO’s, and Private Equity Investors.  As one CEO put it, “Don has the ability to make better virtually everything he ‘touches’.”

His career has been characterized as consistently tackling the “big problems” that in many cases others have tried to solve and failed.  Whether it is problems with Revenue, Expenses, Marketing, Organization Structure, Processes, or Technology, etc. – he attacks these challenges with a common objective of making the organization more profitable, more competitive, and ultimately more successful.

Don is one of those rare individuals that tests almost 50/50 in right-brain/left-brain aptitude.  This rare combination produces an ability to create innovative business and marketing strategies while also developing the detailed processes and execution plans to ensure they are brought to fruition.

Don is a nationally-recognized expert in the area of strategy.  He has an uncanny ability to look at markets and quickly determine “how to make money” within a given technology or service marketplace.  In doing so, he authored the VOGI® strategy methodology  over 30 years ago.  Since that time it has been used to create and execute strategy in companies ranging from start-ups to multi-billion public corporations.

Identified in 1998 by a major recruiting firm as one of the top business process experts in the country, he has also authored the business process improvement methodology at two of the major consulting firms.

Beginning his career as a Process Engineer for General Motors, he then went on to do large-scale systems engineering work for machine tool companies (i.e., having led the systems design of two of the largest automation systems in the world) as well as leading the systems design for the world’s first automated sheet metal blanking cell in the aerospace industry.  His final success in “full engineering” mode was developing OPSNET, the group technology sorting algorithm and application used by the Department of Defense for group technology analysis.

From that engineering beginning, Don went on become one of the early members of world’s first technology strategy practice at Booz-Allen & Hamilton.

Since that time, Don has mixed international strategy work with being a Group President of a public telecom company where he managed $187 million in business to Chief Strategy Officer of a billion-dollar IPO to a “hands on” CEO and CMO assignments in a variety of private equity technology companies.  Whether it is in healthcare, mini supercomputers, semiconductor manufacturing, voice recognition, or most recently artificial intelligence, Don has brought to each situation a creative and innovative view of the marketplace, a passion for success, a motivating leadership style, and an unshakeable focus on making each organization better, period.

Don lives in North Georgia with his bride of 44 years.  He is a member of Browns Bridge Community Church and is active in martial arts, boating, tennis and being “Papa” to his three grandchildren.