Problem Solving

As a full-time executive – CEO, COO, CMO – or as a “hands on” executive consultant, Don has successfully provided solutions to a broad range of problems.  Some of his success stories follow.

PROBLEM:We have grown almost 2,000% in 23 months through acquisition – how should the company be structured/integrated to effectively manage its markets?

SOLUTION: Initially as strategic consultant to the CEO of this $400+ million NASDAQ entity, restructured entire Company into two business units – Enterprise and Consumer.  Later, serving as Group President of the consumer business unit created “Go Forward” strategy and management system.  Improved Operating Margin 40% within first 90 days.

PROBLEM: We have an unique software technology sold primarily in the western U.S. – how can we expand nationally

SOLUTION: Serving as Eastern U.S. Managing Director, established office, hired professionals, and built up the business to handle everything east of the Mississippi River.  Personally sold and managed salesforce and within 24 months successfully doubled the total revenue of the parent Company.

PROBLEM:We have a billion dollar company with over a billion in debt – what is the best way to take it public?

SOLUTION: Initially as strategic consultant to the Company, restructured worldwide operations with particular emphasis on Europe while concurrently developing IPO strategy.  Later as Chief Strategy Officer, helped lead successful IPO.

PROBLEM:We have a Founder who has done a great job getting the company going – how do we take it to the “next step”?

SOLUTION: Replacing Founder and serving as President & Chief Executive Officer established new management and financial controls, hired new Management Team, and lead new Marketing positioning.  Within eleven months established new levels of Management Control and Performance leading up to a 40% revenue increase.

PROBLEM:We need a low-end offering to complement our high-end legacy software – what should it look like, function like?  How should it be marketed and sold?

SOLUTION: Leading a multi-functional development Team, introduced Quality Function Deployment to the Company as the basis for conceptualizing and designing a new low-end product line.  With this approach the new product line was successfully defined and developed and for the first time in company history a new offering was completed on-time and under budget.

PROBLEM: We are about to launch an entirely new Internet-based offering for commodities.  How should the Company be branded, positioned?  What is the market growth strategy?

SOLUTION: As Chief Marketing Officer, led the development of the Company’s identity as well as served as chief spokesman for funding discussions.  Successfully launched and was doing over $100 million in trades by end of the first year.

PROBLEM:We are about to shut down the Company – can we triage it enough to sell it?

SOLUTION: As CEO of this difficult turnaround, rejuvenated the workforce, triaged strained Customer relationships, focused technology development and packaged the Company for a successful sale.