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Don Turner Executive Summary (pdf): turner-don-exec-sum-20161108sdht
Turner Don

A Passion for Profitable Problem-Solving™

Don Turner is a multi-industry, multi-functional executive who has successfully dealt with the most difficult business problems facing Investors, Boards, and CEO’s.  Don has a demonstrable track record in successfully addressing a broad range of business issues ranging from “troubled company” turnaround to “healthy company” new product/market/channel foray.

His speciality is dealing with the “pain” of business – i.e., complicated business problems such as:

  • Strategic Direction – Simply put, in context of where the Company is, where it competes, its available resources answering the questions of “how can we grow this company” and “what should this Company do to move forward successfully?.” Don is regarded by dozens of executives as one of the top strategists they have ever worked with [ED: references available upon request]. He is the developer of the VOGI® strategy development and implementation process that has been used in a variety of companies ranging from early stage to public.  Those exposed to this process have called it one of the most effective strategy approaches they have ever worked with.
  • Revenue Growth – when faced with flat or decreasing revenue he has successfully developed and implemented innovative business strategies, marketing programs, sales campaigns, and operational programs to rejuvenate a Company’s performance.
  • Financial Improvement – his broad industry and functional experience – combined with his nationally-recognized business process expertise – allows him to quickly assess, triage, and stabilize companies that are in financial distress.
  • Business Model Definition – in this fast-paced world it is critical that companies are constantly examining their business model and market opportunities.  Don is routinely brought into determine how to evolve companies via new markets/products/channels – his “outside the box” thinking has successfully “looked over the horizon” for a diverse portfolio of companies and either rejuvenated or completely transformed their business model to fit the changing environment.

Check out his “Experience” section on this website.  To view an Executive Summary for Don, click on Turner Don Exec Sum 20150421Sdht

In delivering value to a long list of organizations, he has served as CEO/COO/CMO or as a “hands on” outside executive advisor to the Company and/or its Investors.  His style is characterized as passionate, stimulating, team-building, process-based, Customer centric, and always focused at maximizing the value of the organization.

With his broad industry, functional, and market experiences, Don has a holistic and strategic “Renaissance” perspective on making businesses better.  His ability to deliver innovative, implementable, and sustainable business strategy within context of the Company marketplace has made him a highly sought-after strategic executive.

Explore his website and contact him to discuss your business problem and how he might be able to do what he has done for numerous other organizations – provide solutions to business problems in a profitable manner.

Don can be reached via email: don@turnerworld.com or phone: 678.361.3313