I’ve always focused on trying to understand the future of technology.  How it would impact business?  How our jobs would be different?

Looking over the proverbial business horizon has always been a passion of mine.  As a business and marketing strategist “t’is what I do.”

This article is from 1991 where I envisioned the world we live in today.  We didn’t have ubiquitous access to the World Wide Web.  Computers weren’t “portable” – they were “luggable.”  We still carried an extra briefcase filled with 30 plus pounds of paper and you wouldn’t venture outdoors without a stand-alone calculator (i.e., HP-12C if you will).

Anyway, I dug this article up the other day and was pleased to see that I pretty much nailed it.  Must have had a good crystal ball that day.

Today I work for an Artificial Intelligence Company who technology is of the type that makes this story possible.  Amazing how life evolves isn’t it?

Enjoy the history lesson.

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